Erik Anderson


Erik Anderson



Financial Services, Bloomberg LP

Erik leads data visualization research and development efforts at Bloomberg. His current role spans Data

Visualization, Data Science Development, Web mapping, Technical Analysis & Algorithms. He has been

with Bloomberg for over eight years.

He has over 25 Years of engineering experience with a strong focus in software engineering –

primarily developing with C/C++, Fortran, Java, JavaScript, and Python. He has worked in the nuclear,

electrical, semiconductor, robotics, and equipment engineering fields.

Erik is an expert in crypto currency payment systems and trading, and is Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency

developer and serves as co-chairman of the W3C Web Payments group. He is also a member of various

financial services standards organizations like X9/ISO/TC68.

Before joining Bloomberg, Erik owned Internet Security, Inc. where he consulted for leading technology

companies. His consulting & employment experience including IBM, Raytheon, SAIC, Hitachi, Intel and

Motorola and was involved in many open source development efforts including VoIP, OpenSSL, Nessus,

Asterisk, Symmetric/Asymmetric Encryption, Embedded Linux Systems, and the Linux Kernel.

Erik served in the US Navy as a Nuclear Engineer and was a Software Engineer working at NASA/USGS,

working on various Landsat projects that included remote sensing and satellite imagery processing.

His extensive engineering educational background includes both military and civilian are available on


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