Matt Slater


Matt Slater



Matt Slater is Co­founder & CEO of Hedgy, a block chain derivatives startup building smart contracts to

hedge price volatility in commodities. Based in Silicon Valley and backed by notable angels Tim Draper

and Marc Benioff, Hedgy is currently focused on building an OTC forwards network to help bitcoin miners

and commercial entities hedge bitcoin price risk. Hedgy was born out of Matt’s experience trading and

arbitraging bitcoin. Matt, along with his team of bitcoin veterans, designers and engineers are using block

chain technologies to re­imagine the way financial contracts are executed, enforced and settled. Prior to

Hedgy, Matt was President & Co­founder of Campus Ink Apparel, a full service custom apparel company

that was acquired in 2013. A native of Vancouver, Matt has a B.S. in Business Administration from USC

and a Master’s in Finance from Hult.