Blockchain Workshops
New York Edition
4-5 April 2016
New York
International Experts

Primavera De Filippi (CNRS/Harvard)
Constance Choi (SevenAdvisory)
Arun Sundararajan (NYU Stern)
About Disruption
Think About the Future

Who we are

Coala is a collaboration between academics, lawyers, technologists and entrepreneurs who have been driving research, policy and infrastructure-building in the blockchain ecosystem for the past three years.

What it is About

The Blockchain Workshops investigate the upcoming challenges and opportunities provided by blockchain technologies, and their impact on the current social, economic and political order.



NYU Stern School of Business
44 West 4th Street (at Greene Street)


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We’d like to thank our partners who help us organize and set up the event, as well as all the sponsors who are helping us by contributing resources to the event. A special thank also to our Media & Community Partners.

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